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Sixth Generation Member's Cars

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Gary Heuer's 2015 Rousch Converible

Gary Heuer's 2015 Rousch Stage 3

So after selling my 2007 Eleanor Tribute Mustang at Mecum Auction in June I needed to find my new baby! I chose this 2015 Roush stage 3 which I now call Rambo! As I had served in both the US Army and Army Reserves, I fell in love with the green color. A few changes from 1 of only 3 made as a convertible I added new White tapes and new GT350R steering wheel- plus interior dressing to match what Roush did with the red stitching. Adding carbon fiber looks along the bottom, dressing up the engine, and other upgrades, all the way around, I made this ride it one of one!


Robert Tresente's 2016 GT Convertible


Adam Peterman's 2017 GT Coupe

Adam Peterman's 2017 GT 

The Milkman has a Dark Side with his Shadow Black 2017 Ford Mustang GT. 435 HP & 6 speed manual. You know the old saying “ if it don’t scare ya a’s not Fast enough!” 

Brent Boswell's 2016 Ecoboost Coupe

Brent Boswell's 2016 Ecoboost 

2016 Ecoboost Coupe in Deep Impact Blue (6 speed manual transmission) with the Ecoboost Performance Package.

Diane Martin-Taff's 2017 V6 Convertible

Diane Martin-Taff's 2017 V6 Convertible

Saw the color and had to have it and I love it!

Chris Parra's 2018 GT Coupe

Chris Parra's 2018 GT 5.0 Coupe Ruby Red

Eric & Linda Lamprecht's 2018 GT Coupe

Eric & Linda Lamprecht's 2018 GT Premium

Frank Piacentini's 2021 GT Coupe

Frank Piacentini's 2021 GT in Grabber Yellow

I have wanted a Mustang for a long time and I figured the time was right as we are nearing the end of the V-8's. It needed to be a manual. I went to "look" at one. It turned out it was the 2021 auto show car, but because of COVID no one had been allowed to sit in it. It was Grabber Yellow a 1971 tribute color and an "older guy" probably 20 or 21 years old I knew had a Mach 1 in Grabber Yellow. One test drive later and I drive it home. I also own a 1969 AMC AMX that I am working on.

Jenny Thrasher's 2017 GT Convertible

Jenny Thrasher's 2017 GT Convertible

Tim Genz's 2022 Mach 1

Tim Genz's 2022 Mach 1 in Eruption Green

LeRoy Baldwin's 2016 GT Coupe 

LeRoy Baldwin's 2016 GT Rudy Red Coupe 

Rick Irish's 2019 GT Coupe

Rick Irish's 2019 GT Premium Performance Pack One

GT500 front end, full length headers, JLT Cold Air Intake Kenwood 1,300 watt stereo system with 12 inch sub woofer, and more...


Larry and Ginny Strong's 2019 GT in Velocity Blue


Don Horner's 2019 GT Convertible in Silver 


Alex Hemsath's 2016 Shelby GT350 in Deep Impact Blue

I got this 2016 GT350 in November of 2019 with less than 4,000 miles on the odometer. I had been driving front-wheel drive, four-cylinder compacts for more than a decade and decided it was time to step up to RWD and a big, loud, naturally-aspirated V8. I love the way this thing sounds! I'm doing my best to keep it low-mileage, stock and in great cosmetic shape.


Mark Lindley's 2016 Ecoboost Convertible


Phillip Hinds' 2020 GT Premium Coupe 

Bama tune with Roush CAI, Tinted Tail lights, with Mach 1 Valance and Dual Chrome tips. Suspension upgrades and custom powder coated wheels to match car color.

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