Sixth Generation Member's Cars

Gary Heuer's 2015 Rousch Stage 3

So after selling my 2007 Eleanor Tribute Mustang at Mecum Auction in June I needed to find my new baby! I chose this 2015 Roush stage 3 which I now call Rambo! As I had served in both the US Army and Army Reserves, I fell in love with the green color. A few changes from 1 of only 3 made as a convertible I added new White tapes and new GT350R steering wheel- plus interior dressing to match what Roush did with the red stitching. Adding carbon fiber looks along the bottom, dressing up the engine, and other upgrades, all the way around, I made this ride it one of one!

Clark (Yogi) Seavert's 2015 GT Convertible, 50 year Package

In my youth, I was so close to purchasing a 1965 Mustang Convertible, Red with a Black Top, but my dad put a stop to it (for reasons I now must admit he was right!).  After several decades of dreaming about that car, I now drive this beauty which was definitely worth the wait!

Robert Tresente's 2016 GT Fastback

When I saw this car in the showroom, being bright red with the two gray racing stripes, it just looked awesome! So, I brought it.  

Jim Burton's 2017 Shelby 

Meet Lucille. She is a feisty redhead like Lucille Ball but she makes sweet music like Lucille, BB King’s guitar.  It has a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated, flat-plane crank Vodoo engine producing 526 hp.  The engine is mated to a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission.  It was purchased new in Oct of 2017.

Adam Peterman's 2017 Mustang GT 

The Milkman has a Dark Side with his Shadow Black 2017 Ford Mustang GT. 435 HP & 6 speed manual. You know the old saying “ if it don’t scare ya a’s not Fast enough!” 

Brent Boswell's 2016 Mustang Ecoboost 

2016 Ecoboost Coupe in Deep Impact Blue (6 speed manual transmission) with the Ecoboost Performance Package.

Diane Martin-Taff's 2017 Grabber Blue V6 Mustang Convertible

Saw the color and had to have it and I love it!

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