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Fifth Generation Members' Cars

Click on a picture to expand size. 

Brenda Philip's 2014 GT Coupe 

Brenda has done some beautiful styling to this clean 2014. 

Ilona LaRue's Coupe

Randy Stumman's 2010 Shelby GT500 Coupe

Randy built one heck of a ride with a 2.3 liter twin-screw supercharger being spun with a 2.5" pulley this monster is putting down 700 horsepower. The real beauty is in the details of the car with custom pinstriping and a host of other mods that make this mustang a true one of one.

Clarence and Kathy Baker's 2008 Special Edition Dan Gurney Saleen Coupe

A limited number were built and this is the only one in the Northwest that we know of.  We bought it new 8 days after it was delivered to the dealer.

Clarence and Kathy Baker's 2008 GT Convertible 

This is a 2008 GT with every option offered that year. Plus we added Borlas, Ford racing suspension, light bar. We bought it new in December 2007 and have loved it every minute since.

Gary Atchison’s 2008 GT Coupe

Gary’s 2008 GT is music to Mustang fan ears. Known to Club members as “Thumper” his Mustang is a naturally aspirated 4.6L running Borla Stinger Catbacks, full Kooks exhaust system with Long Tube Headers, ported heads, “Mutha Thumper” Comp Stage II Cams, CAI and Tune, all, to create a Symphony even Mozart would be proud of! Click the picture to see more.

John Francis' Coupe

Marlin McCombs' 2009 GT Coupe

2009 was a great year with it being the last of the S197, this mustang in particular was covered in the coveted and rarely seen grabber orange. 

Todd and Malena's 2006 GT Convertible 

Malena's search for Oz has led her on many adventures as she has shredded the rubber on the yellow brick road of this beautifully and tastefully modded mustang. Click the picture for more.

Karen Neland's 2014 Convertible 

A well put together mustang that must be seen in person to truly appreciate. Those are not just regular flames but have planes hidden within them. Karen's love for flying is passionately interwoven into her love of mustangs.

Dan and Sandy Marsteller's 2013 Coupe

Gotta have it green Limited edition Mustang Club of America Edition. #94 of 177. This special model featured some optional visual upgrades that effectively pays respects to the aftermarket community. Dan and Sandy aren't just about visual cues though, opting for the performance package this 3.7 liter 300+ HP monster will grab corners with finesse and control.

William and Shelley Strauch's 2014 Shelby GT500 SuperSnake 
It has all the goodies Shelby American could give it and still be driveable on the street! With 980 hp and all the lack of traction, it's a blast to drive. We especially enjoy our club's company at all the events we can make. Click the picture to see more.

Cole Petersen's 2005 GT Coupe  

Scott Petersen's 2006 GT Coupe 


Bill Mixon's 2014 V6 Coupe

Our 2014 V6 Coupe. Bought it in December of 2017. This is Cindy's third Mustang, and I have to say the quickest! Mods are side window louvres, Stripes and side graphics, exhaust, Cold Air intake, and the Hi-Ho Silver name on the right rear.


Lex Butler's 2006 Pony Premium Convertible 

Purchased at Westlie Ford.


Diane Gotchall's 2013 Coupe 

This is my 2013 Red Candy Mustang. Mustang Club of America package, with the added unique feature...a glass roof.


Dan and Janisse Griffin's 2011 GT Coupe

Prior to this we had a 2004 GT Convertible. One day back in 2015 I decided to upgrade so I looked around for a good buy on a newer model. I found this one and knew I had to take a look. A few hours later, the 2004 had been traded in and we were new owners of the 2011. Janisse was not aware I was doing this. I showed up and surprised her at work. She was overjoyed and we’ve been enjoying the car ever since.


Charlie Wilson's 2014 Coupe

Marvin Stucki.JPEG

Marvin Stucki’s 2007 GT Convertible

Fire Engine Red ‘07 Mustang GT Convertible.


Stacy Bauer's 2008 GT Coupe

Sassy - 2008 GT Coupe 302 4.6 V8, 5 speed manual transmission. Purchased in October 2018. Just over 26k miles from one owner. Added Borla exhaust, custom striping, new wheels & tires with custom painting on wheels. More additions to come... 


Eddie & Alisa Villegas's 2006 GT & 2007 GT Coupes


Kevin Ko's 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition

As a teen growing up in Hawaii during the late 60's, I lusted after the Mustang Boss 302 (and Marlo Thomas). Although my wife and I were avid sports car fans in 80's and 90's, it took me 50+ years to finally get my first Mustang. This one is a dead stock 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition delivered from Texas, with only 6400 miles on it. It is one of 262 Laguna Secas in School Bus Yellow. I have no desire to modify it.

Dan Surratt.jpg

Dan & Viki Surratt's 2014 Shelby GT500 Coupe


Rhonda Webster's 2008 GT Coupe


David Bondi's 2011 GT/CS Convertible

My GT/CS was exported to Canada and came back to the US.  It's number 235 out of 1,235 red candy with tinted clear coat convertibles.


JJ Bailey's 2007 Coupe


Shawn Cline's 2013 GT Convertible

Evil Barney, Bought in 2016 with 26k miles, Daily driver, All purple is paint - not vinyl, Only mod is a new stereo.


Brian Strubel's 2006 GT Convertible

Ryker and his Dad Brian wanted a soft top, to make sure Ryker could blast tie fighters just in case… and then Ryker discovered the sound of a 4.6 modular. Together over the next year they added an axle back, larger H pipe, cold air system, short throw shifter, dropped it just enough, threw on some grippy shoes and some sunglasses, made the stereo more modern and made Kylo the bane of all that is pure and quiet in this world.

Don Myers.jpg

Don and Yvonne Myers' 2008 Bullitt 


John Clemson's 2007 GT Coupe 

This car was purchased as a commute car when I was working at power plant under construction located in Eureka, CA. Commuted to PDX on occasion when possible.


Craig Bass' 2007 GT/CS Convertible

This CS is 1 of 375 convertibles in vista blue. Total Convertibles made is 2601. This is my dream car. I have always wanted to buy a car that someone took exceptional care and added some nice modifications. Modifications include: Roush Supercharger, Exhaust Cut outs, Lowered 1.5 inches, Rear Dif has 3.73 gears, Short Shifter, Light Bar or styling bar, Wheels AMR Silver 18”, Tires: NITTO INVO 245 18's on front with 275 18's on the rear, Push button start, Kenwood Excelon Reference DMX957XR Head Unit integrated to the shaker 1000 system, and Backup Camera Kenwood CMOS-740HD - installed in trunk GT/CS Center Cap.


Nicki Galray's 2008 Shelby GT500 Coupe


Bryce Meisner's 2007 GT Convertible


Kyle Pestka's 2013 Boss 302 

My Boss 302 is a road legal racecar. With Alcantara Recaro seat and a proper 4 point harness. She has a rear seat delete and a Laguna Seca front splitter. With 285s in all four corners.

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