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First Generation Member's Cars

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Janice McCombs' 1969 Mach 1

Janice McCombs' 1969 Mach 1

Janice has quite the hot rod with a meticulously maintained and well loved Mach 1. Purchased from the original owner in 1978 in the Rock Creek area of Portland. All numbers match. Refresh completed in 2010 by Rose City Mustangs.

Robert Tresente's 1965 Convertible

Robert Tresente's 1965 Convertible

1965 Convertible, 200 HP 289 V8, 3 speed automatic, and Pony interior.  The car has been restored to original condition.  

Ignacio & Yohana Parra's 1966 Coupe 

Ignacio and Yohana Parra's 1966 Coupe 

1966 Mustang, 200 CU, in-line V6 120 HP Automatic with Pony Interior.

Ross Paznokas' 1965 Coupe

Ross Paznokas' 1965 Coupe

We found our Wimbledon White 65 Mustang Coupe in Western Oregon as a father-&-son project which had never got completed. Over a few years of our ownership, we got it finished to the point it is now, where we enjoy taking it to car shows and the occasional road trip. As with many restoration projects, there are always more things to be done and we love making little updates from time to time.

Tom Anderson's 1966 Convertible 

Tom Anderson's 1966 Convertible 

If you have the opportunity to meet Tom, just call him Chuck! 

John Clemson's 1966 Coupe 

John Clemson's 1966 Coupe 

This car was a restoration project done 20 years ago with my then 16 year old. We attended Clackamas Community College and did a rolling restoration.


Bryce Meisner's 1964 1/2 Coupe


Van Martinez's 1967 Coupe

I, (Van) bought my wife, (Heather) a 67 Mustang for our 1st year anniversary. She has fond memories of childhood trips to school in her sister's 68 Mustang.

LeRoy Kunert's 1966 Coupe

Found this car in central Oregon while visiting my daughter and it looked like it needed to be saved. I spent 4 years restoring it. I had an idea of what I wanted and with help from one of my good friends I made that vision happen.

Stephen Simmons' 1967 Coupe

My in-laws were the 3rd owners of our 1967 Mustang Coupe, 289 V8 when they purchased it in 1992 in AZ. My mother-in-law drove it daily to work and school and they frequently exchanged Mustang parts/accessories as gifts for special occasions. When my father-in-law passed away in 2000, I was asked to help take care of our car with the eventuality of my son inheriting it. We moved the car to my Portland home in 2023 where it will stay until someday when my son is ready to be the caretaker of our Mustang family history.

Harold Hendrix's 1965 GT Fastback

Winner of Mustang Roundup peoples choice award in 2000 and 2001.


John Renzema's 1966 GT Fastback

I grew up around first generation mustangs and always wanted one of my own. After a nation wide search I found this one locally. It is a 1966 A code GT in the uncommon color Emberglo. While visually it is near perfect, it had sat for many years and needs some love. We have been going through the wiring to resolve multiple shorts from rodents and slowly fixing all of the mechanical problems.

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