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First Generation Member's Cars

Janice McCombs' 1969 Mach 1

Janice McCombs' 1969 Mach 1

Janice has quite the hot rod with a meticulously maintained and well loved Mach 1.Purchased from the original owner in 1978 in the Rock Creek area of Portland. All numbers match.  Refresh completed in 2010 by Rose City Mustangs.

Dan Spiegel & Nikki Morris' 1968 Coupe

Dan Spiegel And Nikki Morris' 1968 Coupe 289

1968 Coupe 289/2V, Automatic with factory A/C.This is one of Ford's promotional color of the month cars. The color is Coral (WT9012), or also known as Easter Coral. There is no color code stamped on the door data plate. This car according to the Marti Report was purchased as a "Fleet" car to be used as a Thrifty Automotive Group rent a car. The mustang is restored as of 2013, except for painting it back to it's original Coral color. According to past DMV records the car has a little over 67,000 original miles.

Dan Spiegel & Nikki Morris' 1965 Fastback

Dan Spiegel And Nikki Morris' 1965 Fastback

1965 Fastback,October 64 build date. 250 HP 289 bored to 293, 4V, 351 modified heads, performer intake, Toploader 4 Speed, 31 spline big bearing axles, 9" rear end, nodular "N" case with Traction-Lok. Wilwood vented front disc brakes, Ford Racing 11" rear drum brakes. This is an original Portland, Oregon car. There is "no" rust. This car has never been in any type of vehicle crash. The original mileage is around 62,000.

Robert Tresente's 1965 Convertible

Robert Tresente's 1965 Convertible

1965 Convertible, 200 HP 289 V8, 3 speed automatic, and Pony interior.  The car has been restored to original condition.  

Ignacio & Yohana Parra's 1966 Coupe 

Ignacio and Yohana Parra's 1966 Coupe 

1966 Mustang, 200 CU, in-line V6 120 HP Automatic with Pony Interior.

Bruce Mihok's 1965 Fastback 

Bruce Mihok's 1965 Fastback 

1965 fastback. 302 Ford Racing Crate, TCI StreetFighter trans with 9” Curry rear. Torque arm suspension, Wilwoods RideTech coil over shocks all around. Started with bare metal and replaced every not and bolt. Started building in 2013 with a friend who was a Special Forces mechanic who got recalled during the process. 

Jim & Kay Coffey's 1965 Coupe

Jim and Kay Coffey's 1965 Coupe

1965 Coupe 200 ci inline 6 engine.

Leslie Roman's 1965 Coupe

Leslie Roman's 1965 Wimbledon White Coupe

My Grandmother bought this brand new. It's been in the family ever since, lovingly cared for by my Dad and Brother. Now it's my turn.

Ross Paznokas' 1965 Coupe

Ross Paznokas' 1965 Wimbledon White Coupe

We found our Wimbledon White 65 Mustang Coupe in Western Oregon as a father-&-son project which had never got completed. Over a few years of our ownership, we got it finished to the point it is now, where we enjoy taking it to car shows and the occasional road trip. As with many restoration projects, there are always more things to be done and we love making little updates from time to time.

Miechelle Pape's 1970 Mach 1

Miechelle Pape's 1970 Mach 1

Ryan Lamberson's 1966 Fastback

Ryan Lamberson's 1966 Fastback 289 Dark Forest Green

This car has been in the family since it’s birth.

Tom Anderson's 1966 Convertible 

Tom Anderson's 1966 Convertible 

If you have the opportunity to meet Tom, just call him Chuck! 

Tracey Spear's 2021 REVOLOGY 1966 Converible

Tracey Spear's REVOLOGY 1966 Mustang (built new from scratch in 2021) 

Learned how to drive when I was 15 in a Mustang 2 door coupe. Have loved them ever since. Have owned a couple since then heard about REVOLOGY being a manufacturer of Mustangs and they are licensed by Ford and Shelby to make them.

Jessica Hamilton's 1966 Coupe 

Jessica Hamilton's 1966 Coupe 

This is my girl, Lita “Blu” Ford. She is a 1966 Coupe, all original except for a rebuilt 302 V8 and her aqua color which she’s had since the 80’s. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and after almost a decade of researching classic mustangs, I finally had my dream car. I am 24 years old and can’t wait spend the rest of my life cruising with this beauty.

John Clemson's 1966 Coupe 

John Clemson's 1966 Coupe 

This car was a restoration project done 20 years ago with my then 16 year old. We attended Clackamas Community College and did a rolling restoration.

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