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Fourth Generation Member's Cars

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Steve and Julie Hopper's Saleen Coupe

1 of 4 in True Blue with 10 inch rear wheels, reverse hood scoop and supercharged.  This car gets up and goes!

Steve and Julie Hopper's GT Convertible 

Purchased in July 2012 from the 2nd owner, everything on the car was stock. After attending some car shows and seeing modifications on other cars, it was time to make this mine! The car was lowered 1 inch, Borla exhaust was added along with a cold air intake and new tires & wheels. In the summer, you will probably see Julie cruising with the top down through wine country!

Jim Mill’s 2004 Mach 1 Coupe

Jim's Mach 1 is a common sight at many Wrangler events where it is driven spiritedly down the roads of Oregon. This car was manufactured by Ford to pay tribute to the '69 Mach 1 which was known for it's shaker hood on a 428 Cobra Jet engine; the Mach 1 also features a similar shaker hood with a very hefty torque band that hits much earlier than it's comparative Cobra model that came out.

Richard Irish's 2003 Cobra Convertible

Chrome? Of course! Supercharger? Yup. Nitrous? Sure! This Cobra is a conglomeration of every want you could possibly have in a sports car. And not just power, many beautification mods that has helped this Cobra win multiple show awards.

Mike Rodighiero's 2000 Coupe

This daily driven mustang has a slew of mods that we can't fit here, but no worries just click on Mike's mustang to the side and be taken to a thorough write up that describes this mustang like the beast it is.


Christy Mill's 2004 GT 40Th Anniversary Edition Convertible 

All 2004 Mustangs have the side emblem on them to notate the 40th Anniversary Edition....but what is it about this one that is different. It is an 'actual 40th Anniversary Edition'. Definitely recommend reading up on it here.


Nicki Gilray's 2002 GT Convertible 

Beautiful and fun little GT with white interior and Top. She’s a garage princess who only comes out during the nice summer weather!  She does growl with her newly added Borla Cat-back exhaust.  Follow on Instagram @LadyMustang02

Dave Webster's 2004 Cobra Coupe

Bart Johnson's 1995 Saleen Convertible

Bart Johnson's Saleen S/C Speedster

The color is Lizstick Red. 

Bart Johnson's 1996 Cobra Steeda Convertible 

Stuart and Shirlee McAthur's 1995 Cobra R and 2000 Cobra R Coupes


Michael Miller's 2004 GT 40th Anniversary Package Coupe

Has had the car since 2007.

Christopher Johnson's 2001 SVT Cobra Coupe

Christopher Johnson's 2001 SVT Cobra Coupe

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